The seminar started from 11.30 to 1 p.m and 2 to 3.30 p.m - 2 session). The chief guest was Dr. Jacob Abraham. Mr. Robin Sebastian - Prodn Head and Mr. Jose Varkey Vithayathil Gen. Manager(HR Head) Attended the seminar. Seminar held on CPR 'Save a life life, Save a lifetime on 9.3.2013 at BSES Conference hall. Dr. Jacob Abraham explained about Heart Care Foundation activities, CPR programme and subscription of our healthcare magazine 'Caring Hearts'. A seminar held on CPR(Cardiopulmonary-resuscitation) 1 1/2 hr programme. Around 100 staff attended the seminar(morning and evening.) We distributed magazines Caring Hearts and CPR (Malayalam & English.)

BSES Kerala Power Ltd


On 21st July 2012, the Science Health & Wellness Club joined hands with the Yellow Sapphires to conduct a programme on behalf of the Heart Care Foundation. The school captain Jeslu Celine Jacob welcomed the Chief Guest Dr. Jose Chacko Periyappuram, Chairman, Heart Care Foundation, Kochi and other dignitaries after which the chief guest took over the rest of the proceedings . The chief guest started off by telling us the main purpose of the programme, which was to collect enough donations to conduct heart surgeries for the under privileged. He also added that nowadays most people are dying due to heart diseases rather than a natural death and explained to us the importance of taking care of ourselves. Next was a power point presentation through which he educated us in choosing a balanced diet to lead a happy life. It was a very informative session where in we learnt about the food pyramid and how much amount of what food was required for us, be it meat or fruits. The power point provided us with the perfect plan to stay healthy and fit. Next we had an interactive session with the doctor. He told us about the basic rules and methods to perform CPR in cases where the victim has undergone a cardiac arrest or is having breathing problems. He first demonstrated the technique to us and then asked for volunteers to do it so that we would understand and remember CPR better. All of us enjoyed the educational programme thoroughly and were happy to take home this new piece of information . The science club and the Yellow Sapphire House were successfully able to collect a donation of Rs. 70,000/- from the students for the Heart Care Foundation. The programme helped us to have a better outlook on life, life style diseases and to maintain a healthy heart.

Toc H PUBLIC SCHOOL on July 21,2012


Dr.Jacob Abraham, one of the patrons of Heart Care Foundation took a class on Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation/ Basic Life Support to all the staff of ESIC Hospital, Udyogamandal on 13th October 2012, Saturday between 11.00AM and 12.30PM. The venue was the Diamond Jubilee Hall. The function was organized at this hospital as a part of the continuing DJ activities. The seminar started with a silent Prayer and lighting of the 'Panchadeep' by Dr.V.M.Monica, Dy.Medical Superintendent, Dr.Jacob Abraham, Smt Sumangala Devi Amma, Nursing Superintendent, Mr.Sudhakaran, Security supervisor and Mr.Lakshmanan, Hospital Attendant. About 100 staff members including doctors attended. The welcome address and the introduction of the speaker were done by Dr.Madhu.P.R, Anaesthesiologist of this hospital. Dr.Jacob discussed some cases of Cardio-Pulmonary arrest and the way they were tackled successfully and some cases where the attempts went futile. He himself demonstrated the ABC of the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation on a mannequin and made two of the volunteers among the audience to demonstrate what they have learnt from the speaker. Mr.Sudhakaran, Security supervisor and Smt.Margaret, Staff Nurse were the volunteers. Dr.V.M.Monica, Dy.Medical Supdt. handed over the memento and the collected cash for donating to the HCF to Dr.Jacob Abraham. Dr.Jacob gave away the Certificate of Participation to the Dy.Medical Supdt. Dr.Jacob appreciated the efforts made by the ESIC for the uplift of this hospital and especially the purchase of three no.s of External Biphasic Defibrillator which are installed one in each floor of the Hospital building. Tea and snacks were served to all the participants and the meeting came to a close by 12.30PM.



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