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Heart Care Foundation was founded on the World Heart Day, September 29, 2005 and inaugurated by the then Governor Sri. R.L Bhatia, HCF was able to successfully complete several projects related to heart care in Kerala. Our first project ‘Save 1000 hearts, 1000 lives, 1000 families’ provided financial assistance to over 1500 needy patients from all over the state, without any discrimination in cast or creed. The next program ‘Save a Life, Save a Lifetime’ launched in 2007 has been a big hit among the corporate houses, schools and colleges and we have conducted over 200 training sessions on Basic Life Support–CPR and was instrumental in the installation of  AED’s (Automated External Defibrillator) at many prominent public centers.

Every World Heart Day is celebrated as the inception day of Heart Care Foundation and during the very elegant official function each year, an eminent doctor, selected by an expert panel, is awarded the Heart Care Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Another very important activity, ‘Hrudayasangamam’ happens twice a year and its primary objective is the rehabilitation of patients who underwent heart surgery during the period. Through general Q&A with senior doctors, physiotherapists and dietitians, the patients are encouraged back in to normal life stream. Family members of the patients form an integral part of this get-together and the experience sharing as well as the general Q&A with the experts helps them realize that their loved one is no longer an invalid. Adding charm to this social gathering is our ‘Social Excellence Award’ constituted in memory of our founder member Mr. C V Shanmugam. Selected by another expert panel, the awardee is an eminent personality that exceled in their respective field of activity.

Yet another project is ongoing and is unique as well as ambitious and will help a much larger populace, hopefully covering the entire state. Recently launched by Sri P.Sreeramakrishnan, Honorable Speaker, Kerala Legislative Assembly, ‘Hridayapoorvam’, is aimed at making the general public ‘Heart care literate’, panchayath by panchayath. In a three phased program, people of age group 30 to 60 will be given tests at the local labs and the results will be fed in to a software program developed under the guidance of the HCF. The program will analyze the cardiac risk factor of each result and an awareness session conducted by an eminent cardiologist will make sure that everyone understands their cardiac health. Those with risks will be advised to consult their local physician and others will be given general tips to keep up a healthy, heart friendly life style. We have selected Alangad Grama Panchayath as the first locality for the project and response from the people as well as the government agencies has been very heartening. Hopefully, entire Kerala will soon be Heart Care literate in a short while.

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  • My mother is a heart patient .she is 64 years old .She is having Coronary infection and has to do angiogram ...

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