For Patients and their Families

  • Financial support for treatment and rehabilitation
  • An opportunity for mutual sharing of experiences
  • Interaction with medical experts
  • Assistance from socio-psycho experts
  • Personal counseling
  • Talks, seminars and workshops for inspiration, motivation and instilling will power and self-confidence
  • Audio-Visual presentation on total cardiac care, diet control, need for routine check-ups, exercise, etc
  • Exposure to the latest in heart care from world-over

For Medical Professionals

  • Awareness seminars regarding the latest in heart care from world over
  • Case studies and workshops on techniques and trends in heart care
  • Forums to interact with eminent professionals in heart care
  • Awareness seminars by technical experts in the bio-medical field
  • Conducting research and surveys on cardiac ailments

For General Awareness

  • Awareness campaigns on organ and blood donation
  • Conduct exhibitions, seminars, and discussions with experts
  • Media-based awareness programs
  • Publishing books on healthy heart care
  • Publishing periodicals

Research and Training

  • Conduct Research and impart training to those working in related fields

Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre

  • Establish a centre for cardiac patients for providing expert guidance and assistance

Wellness Club

  • Diet club
  • Wellness exercises both for patients and non-patients
  • Stress relief workshops
  • Rejuvenation and recreation club

Academic Activities

  • Establishing a reference library to provide up-to-date information on cardiac care
  • Conducting camps, seminars, conferences and workshops on heart care techniques and trends from world over
  • Providing guidance to medical and paramedical students on specializing in cardiac care
  • Conducting workshops for cardiac care and rehabilitation, especially for families of patients

with Doctor

  • My mother is a heart patient .she is 64 years old .She is having Coronary infection and has to do angiogram ...

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