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Launched in 2006 to help the poorest of the poor heart patients undergoing surgery in Government medical college hospital. Every year we give financial assistance to an average 100 patients. A total sum of 120 lakhs has been disbursed to the patients and we have a quite number of applications pending, around 300+, still waiting for the sponsorship and require help to have thier surgeries done.

Patient Criteria:

  • The project will support 1000 heart patients financially over a period of time, who are waiting for a heart surgery in the Govt. Medical colleges of Kerala

Priority will be if patient is:

  • An earning member of the family
  • Below poverty line
  • Able to raise 25% of the total amount for the procedures

Patient Application

  • The patients should apply to the foundation with a detailed medical report of the treating doctor
  • The patient should produce the family income certificate from the statutory authorities along with the application
  • A passport size photograph, consent to undergo the procedure and an undertaking to pay 25% of the total procedure bill should be attached to the application

Patient Selection

  • A clinical committee is formed with the HODs of Cardiology & CTVs, Cardiologist and the Superintendent of the medical colleges
  • In discussion with the clinical committee, the medical board of HCF scrutinizes and prioritizes the applicants
  • Before the finalization of the procedure and allotment of aid, the chairman of Heart Care Foundation will discuss the case with the concerned doctor who will be performing the procedure
  • The patient will be intimated about the selection
  • After the procedure, the patient has to send the copy of the discharge summary of Heart Care Foundation

Financial Aid

  • The 75% of the total estimated amount for the procedure will be paid to the Superintendent of the concerned medical college after producing the receipt of the 25% of the amount paid by the patient (minimum of Rs.5000)
  • The receipt of the payment effect by HCF will be property of HCF
  • The payment will be done by Demand Draft in favour of the Superintendent of the medical colleges


  • The estimated fund for the completion of the project is Rs.2.50 crores
  • The fund will be collected from different sources like: Corporates, Funding agencies, Individuals, Institutions, Philanthropists etc
  • An agency / individual can save a heart by paying Rs.25,000 (or co-sponsor by donating a part of the total amount)
  • The contributions are tax exempted as per 80 G.



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  • My mother is a heart patient .she is 64 years old .She is having Coronary infection and has to do angiogram ...

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